Knoll Family Collection

Knoll Family Collection

An excerpt from the Wichita Eagle Monday , January 21, 1985
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Wichita just went airplane crazy in the late 1920s.
That same sort of excitement continued at smaller companies through the later years. Clyde Belden, who worked for several companies, remembers when the Knoll Airplane Co. , in business from 1928 to 1929, finished its first plane. "When we finished the Knoll, " Belden said, "they shut the factory down and we all went out there (to the airport) and rode around in it."

From Knoll Family Collection and the Kanasas Aviation Museum
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KN-1 Serial number 100 DofC X9090 Sold in Mexico
KN-1 Serial number 101 DofC None Burned in ground accident
KN-1 Serial number 102 DofC X8861 Sat derelict in Wichita
KN-2 Serial number 103 DofC X8899 Engine failure in Mexico
KN-3 Serial number 204 DofC X9950 Washed out 06/27/1929

KN-1 Knoll family Collection
Knoll KN-1 X9090
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KN-3 Knoll family Collection
Knoll KN-3 X9950
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Sachem - Knoll family Collection
Knoll-Brayton Sachem Amphibian
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