NGC2264 - Knoll Observatory NGC2264 Cone Nebula

Image: Cone Nebula by Patric Knoll - 2010
OCA Anza Site/Little Blair Valley
Cone Nebula - Monoceros

Color: Meade LX200 Classic 10 inch SCT @ f/10 - SBIG ST8XME AO-7 Guiding
Luminance: RED Filter OCA Kuhn 22 inch Cassegrain @ f/8 and LX200 SCT 10 inch @ f/10 - SBIG ST8XME AO-7 guiding
The RGB images 2004 Little Blair Valley 1x20 minutes each RGB bin 2x2
The RED Filter images 2010 OCA Anza Site 6x20 minutes red filter bin 1x1 plus
8x20 minute Red filter images from San Diego using a LX200 10 inch SCT.
Processed using CCDOps-PhotoShop-Picturewindow-AIP

Image: NGC2264 by Patric Knoll - 2010
San Diego City Limits/LBV
NGC2264 - Cone region

Same color images from 2004 LBV
RED Filter Meade 10 inch LX200 Classic SCT @ f/10 - SBIG ST8XME AO-7 guiding
8x20 minutes bin 1x1 full frame at 50% reduction

Image: NGC2264 by Patric Knoll  -2002/ 2004
Image: NGC2264 by Patric Knoll  -2002/ 2004

Star SAO 114264 and Variable Star at about the 11 o'clock position

After examining these images, sources at AAVSO strongly believe that the
star is V582 Mon (KH 15D), a young Orion type Variable magnitudes 16 to 17.5
It has also been described as an irregular eruptive star associated with the area.

V582 Mon (KH 15D)

Image:V582 Mon by Patric Knoll  2008

Star SAO 114264 and V582 Mon - 03/17/2008 at 19:33:13

Meade LX200 - 10 inch SCT @ f/10
SBIG ST8XME CCD Camera / AO-7 / H-alpha
The luminance is 4x1200 seconds H-alpha exposures - color from 2004 image
Taken from within the city limits of San Diego.
Processed using CCDOps-CCDSharp-AIP4Win-Photoshop

Image:Cone-V582 Mon by Patric Knoll  2010

Cone Nebula and V582 Mon (KH 15D) - 03/21/2010 at 20:45:00

OCA Kuhn Telescope - 22 inch Cassegrain @ f/8
SBIG ST8XME CCD Camera - AO-7 guiding - RRGB
The luminance is 6x20 minute Red exposures - color from 2004 image
Taken from OCA Observatory, Anza CA.
Processed using CCDOps-AIP4Win-Photoshop

From Abstract astro-ph/0412259 Dec 10, 2004:

Blue and IR Light Curves of the Mysterious Pre-Main Sequence Star V582 Mon (KH 15D)
In recent years, an increasing number of publications have been addressed to the peculiar and mysterious pre-main sequence star V582 Mon, also known as KH 15D. This extraordinary T Tauri star, located in the young star cluster NGC 2264, appears as to be an eclipsing variable. In the present paper, we report a unique and self-consistent set of light curves in the blue and near-infrared bands, spanning a 15-year interval (epoch 1955-1970). Our photometric data show clearly the beginning of the eclipse stage occurred in early 1958 in the blue, and perhaps around four years later in the infrared. The light curve period turns out to be the same reported by recent observations (about 48.3 days), so that no evidence for a period change results. On the other hand, in our data the light curve shape appears as sinusoidal and is therefore different from the one displayed today. The photometric behaviour, determined with time-series and colour-index analysis, suggests that V582 Mon (KH 15D) could be initially surrounded by an accretion disk/torus seen edge-on, with subsequent thin dust formation at the beginning of the blue radiation absorption. The dust could then aggregate into larger particles providing the transition between selective and total absorption, accompanied with eclipsing variability in the infrared. The minima of the periodic light curve become deeper due to the increasing dimension and number of dust grains, and then flattens due to a contraction in the disk.

Astronomical Journal October 2005:

Animation from Wesleyan University 2012:

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